Dr. Andrew Weil’s article, “Journaling: Self-Healing through Writing”

by Ruth Folit

Dr. Andrew Weil, the well known medical doctor who has spearheaded the movement toward wellness and integrative medicine, writes about journaling in the September 2005 issue of his monthly printed newsletter. The article, “Journaling: Self-Healing through Writing,” reports that Weil “frequently suggests to those with chronic illnesses, particularly autoimmune disorders” and “anyone, whether healthy or not [that] expressing oneself in writing can be a creative outlet and a good way to release feelings that you might otherwise hide or suppress.”

He cites research from the 1980s and 1990s that provides evidence that healthy people remained healthier (made fewer doctor visits) and some ill people improved their health by writing about emotionally meaningful topics.

Weil then goes on to report recent studies that show journal writing helps women who have fibromyalgia experience less pain and fatigue; helps reduce high blood pressure; and helps terminal cancer patients sleep better.
The two experts he cites are James Pennebaker, PhD and Kathleen Adams, two supporters of our software who have endorsed LifeJournal.

The take home message: improve your health. Keep journaling.