Interior Images: Clues to Decode the Present

Images and scenes of the past bubble up constantly in the course of a day. When one of these image surfaces, take a moment to experience the image. Does the scene/image that bubbles up have any connection with the present? What is the feeling tone, the kernel of truth, or the message of the image? How does it intersect with a current need or resonate with your existing situation? Are there parallels or similarities between the image and your present life? Are there contrasts?

During my first year at college, more than a thousand miles from my family, I would experience seemingly random images of a scene of the New York suburb where I was raised. Sometimes the landscape evoked a sense of homesickness and displacement. Sometimes I would just view the scene neutrally and wonder what that was about. Much of the time, the images were scenes of a part of town that was not near my home and to which I didn’t have a real connection–it was across town and highly trafficked and had lots of car and trucks whizzing by. At the time, I was puzzled by the images that would spring up unbidden. Looking back, I think that the images were about leaving home, crossing town, and moving on to a new part of my life.
Perhaps spontaneous images that appear in your day give clues as to what is happening to you now–helping you decode the present to see a perspective that gives you broader meaning of your current circumstances. Writing about that may help you capture and understand those interior images.