Tips for Writing More Often

written February, 2006

Many people start the New Year with the best of intentions to write in their journals daily. From time to time I hear questions or receive e-mails from customers with apologetic and somewhat guilty comments that they haven’t written in their journals recently.  The sense is that somehow they are doing something wrong if they haven’t created a journal entry every day.  If there is a way you can avoid feeling bad about not writing daily—or even weekly at times—I would encourage it. Here are a few thoughts about the issues of writing consistently:

  • Are you not writing because your life is so full that there isn’t any time?  If so, I’d suggest that you click the Daily Pulse Input toolbar button and spend two minutes entering values for your Daily Pulse scales.  Then write a two or three sentence Pulse Note that quickly describes the highlights of the day—a defining moment, a phrase that will remind you of an interesting vignette.
  • Not writing because you don’t know what to write about? Open a prompt or quote to jumpstart your thinking.
  • During the course of the day, if a memory of your earlier years bubbles up, open a Life History entry and write several phrases that will capture the essence of the memory.  You might want to create a topic in the Topics List, called “unfinished” so you can do a search of your uncompleted pieces so you can go back to and finish when you have the time.
  • Sometimes not writing is an appropriate thing to do.  By looking at times that you haven’t written, you may learn about when you like to write—such as when things are going well; or alternatively when you are feeling depressed and unhappy. (What, if anything, does that tell about yourself?)

Quick Tip: Having trouble getting started

Try typing with one hand, one finger, on your non-dominant hand.