Year Review of your Journal: A Positive Perspective

by Ruth Folit

written December, 2005

During this last year I read a couple of books by Jim Hayhurst, Sr., author of TheRight Mountain He writes about his adventure climbing Mt. Everest.  During the expedition he noticed that one of his fellow mountain climbers, during their non-climbing time, was often looking back at where they had come from. When Hayhurst questioned his fellow climber about that habit, his colleague’s response was that he felt encouraged by looking at what the team had accomplished.  And that by reviewing what went right, what difficult cliffs and sheer faces they had scaled, he felt more confident that he could go on to climb the next difficult portion of the trek.

So, in year review of your journal, I echo Jim Hayhurst’s question: What have you done right this year? What tricky situations did you navigate well? What were your accomplishments—of any proportion— this year? What worked well for you this year?  Use these successes to write a journal entry that help you see your strengths and give you the courage, motivation, and commitment to reach higher and dig deeper in the upcoming year.

To get the greatest benefits of journal writing, perform a year review, and remember what you have done right!