Can Journal Writing Help You Live Longer?

We just received this email from a fan of LifeJournal who has been journaling for most of life, and she just turned 97 years old.  This is a testament the fact that keeping a journal can have a dramatic effect on your life and longevity:HLep

Hear the words of long time journal writer, Ethel Booth:

“For me, keeping a journal was a spontaneous act, when a friend and I started journals on a whim, when she edited the high school newspaper and I the literary magazine.  We both simply had discovered how gratifying it was to have a place to air our feelings….especially  if nobody but ourselves would ever see what we wrote! Indeed, that privacy was the intriguing element, keeping this quite separate from all the other writing we were doing. It consisted of the stuff that was too personal  to be printed in what we wrote for the school publications.  And it was  precisely that, that opened the floodgates. Keeping a journal has remained a lifelong, gratifying source for self-expression, and has enriched all the other writing that I have done, and still do, at 97. Reading some of those journals now, as I have been doing lately,  is an extraordinarily rewarding experience.”

It’s fascinating to see yet another point of view of the value of journal writing, written by a women who has almost lived a century!  Often we hear how keeping a journal is a worthwhile and clarifying tool while in the midst of the blur of daily lives.  This email that I received from a women nearing the end of her life reveals some benefits of journaling that would be difficult to anticipate until we approached her age. Thanks, Ethel, for sharing your wisdom!

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  1. Karen Harvey says:

    I’ve just linked this to my facebook page and am going to post the link on the Journal to the Self online course which I am taing part in. I’m only a baby journaller (just a few years in) compared with this lady but my journal has given me insights to my life and is helping me make some healthier choices for the future.

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