Pulitzer Prize Winner, Jennifer Egan, Started with a Journal

Jennifer Egan is the 2011 Pulitzer prize winner for fiction, for her book A Visit From the Goon Squad.  There’s a fascinating interview with her, where she describes how she became a writer.  The way she talks about her early years of learning to write and even how she selected…

Use your journal to reach your goals!

Use LifeJournal to move you along on your journey of refining and improving your life. I capture the momentum of my own natural ups and downs.  The Daily Pulse feature in LifeJournal is a way to observe some of my natural trends, which I might not otherwise notice. For example, if…

Freedom Found Through Journaling

by Nora Hooper, guest blogger The black and white marbleized cover of my Composition Notebook would seem to stare at me with expectation, its virgin pages beckoning. It would not take long before I filled the sheets of pristine paper with every thought or event that was happening my life….