E-Prompts: Journal Topics and Writing Exercises

Life may become easier when you periodically refine and re-assess who you are, what you want, and how to get there . With LifeJournal e-Prompts you receive journal topics and writing exercises to stimulate your thinking and guide you as you sort out what your needs and values are. Give yourself the gift of knowing thyself better.

The LifeJournal e-Prompts are delivered to your computer’s mailbox three days a week—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Alice Massanari, MSW, LSCW, psychotherapist and coach from Asheville, North Carolina, a long-time journal writer who incorporates journal writing into her practice, has written these journal topics.

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The following are our offering of journal topics:

  • Success: This set of journal topics helps you sort out what it means to you to be successful. The journal topics help you take the next step forward, help you consider how to move past barriers, and help support and encourage you on the road to achieving success.
  • Life Memories: These questions trigger feelings, thoughts, and events of your earlier years. These unique journal topics go beyond the ordinary “name-your-favorite-pet” questions. Here is an example of a Life Memory e-Prompt: Remember your grandmother’s hands.
  • Emotional Self-care: Who couldn’t use some encouragement and some focused time thinking about how to best take care of oneself? Sign up for these writing exercises to enjoy mini-vacations from the hurried and hectic life.
  • Loss and Grieving: Who among us has not had some experienced some loss? Any of the following could be considered a loss: a death of a family member or a close friend, the end of a relationship, a change in jobs or careers, a child leaving home or any other experience which forces you to give up something or to make a difficult change. If you would like some help in getting through your loss more consciously, consider signing up for these journal topics.


Sheila Bender, our content partner for LifeJournal for Writers, has created a set of writing exercises specifically designed for aspiring or published writers.  When you subscribe to this set you will not only be reminded to write but also have writing exercises to focus on.

  • Writer’s Notebook: Openings: These e-Prompts will help writers employ the sounds and strategies of published writers to tap into personal experiences with enhanced rhythm, imagery, and immediacy.  Bender included additional craft ideas as well to help writers create focused, coherent pieces from the start, since solid starts lead to finishing rewarding essays, poems, characters’ stories, memoirs, and articles.
  • Writers Notebook: Observations: These creative writing prompts assist writers in creatively employing each of the five senses in surprising ways to fully evoke experiences, environments, viewpoints, and personas. Writing that involves the senses opens new avenues for authors and helps them overcome blocks, take new directions, and find insights. Using these writing prompts, a writer’s notebook will become filled with vivid, engaging prose–the perfect writer resource.

These e-prompt writing exercises are available for $21.95 for a three-month subscription of one set. Click here to order now.