Emotional Balance Clinic:
Grow Your Emotional Intelligence in Three Months

Have you tried to work on your emotional life, but feel like you are spinning your wheels? Is your journal too often a toxic emotional dump that doesn’t effectively help you rise above those feelings? We have a solution for you!

The Emotional Balance Clinic is a three-month structured immersion in ideas, resources, and writing exercises for everyone who wants to develop emotional balance through writing–a tried and true method when done right! The Clinic* provides material in a variety of formats–essays, short audio files, a recorded interview, mini-workbooks with writing exercises and more–sent to your inbox during the three months.  Whether your emotions seem out of control or sneak up on you–and anything in between–you’ll learn how writing can help with emotional issues.  You’ll learn specialized techniques for handling the processes that most frequently disrupt emotional balance. As a member of the Clinic, you will also receive one personalized Emotional Balance Mini-Workbook for your own worst stumbling block in this area.

Dr. Beth Jacobs

This interactive material, created by Beth Jacobs, PhD,  clinical psychologist, adjunct Faculty of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, author and expert in the field of writing and emotions for over 25 years, is only available here!

The Emotional Balance Clinic by Dr. Beth Jacobs Includes Three On-going  Months of  Material

The clinic is set up to send out tasty portions that are just the right size–so that the information is digestible and the reading/writing is doable. It’s three months long, so you have time to integrate the concepts into your life and make real change.

The first six days you’ll receive reading and listening material to get a good basic understanding about writing and managing emotions.

Day 1: An excerpt from Jacobs’ book Writing for Emotional Balance and a recording of an hour long interview, The Best Ways to Write about Your Emotions to Best Gain Perspective

Days 2 to 6: Five very readable and concise (2-3 pages) essays:

      • Day 2: How Writing Helps Emotions
      • Day 3: Why Emotions Dominate the Brain
      • Day 4: How People Learn Emotion Management
      • Day 5: Writing as a Mindfulness Tool
      • Day 6: Emotional Boundaries
      • Day 7: No new material, so there’s time to re-read, catch up, and digest the material

Weeks 2 to 13: A mini-workbook** every week on the following topics:

      • Week 2: I Just Don’t Notice My Emotions Enough
      • Week 3: Writing and Soothing
      • Week 4: Emotional Triggers
      • Week 5: Emotions and Perspective
      • Week 6: Dreams and Emotions
      • Week 7: Catching Emotional Projection
      • Week 8: Positive Brain Training
      • Week 9: Emotional Ruts
      • Week 10: Time and Emotion
      • Week 11: Emotions and Voices of the Past
      • Week 12: Judgment: Black and White Emotions
      • Week 13: Writing and Meditating

And later in each week you’ll receive a food-for-thought quote, and for seven of these twelve weeks you’ll also receive a five-minute audio explaining/reinforcing a writing- for-emotional-balance concept.

WEEK 14: AND, there’s one more  very special item! You receive one personal-request writing technique or suggestion from Beth Jacobs.

As a member of the Emotional Balance Specialty Clinic you can also get one Personalized Mini-Workbook.  You send in a one-page journal entry or description of an emotional balance problem and Beth Jacobs,will design a tailored Mini-Workbook to address the issue you present.  (Additional Personalized Mini-Workbooks are available to Emotional Balance Specialty Clinic members for a fee.)

Additionally, although you do the work on your own, at your own speed, if you have questions about the content during the course, you can write to an email address dedicated to the Emotional Balance Clinic, and Beth Jacobs will respond.

Most agree that emotional balance is a critical piece of creating a successful life–at home, at work, with friends.  Our Emotional Balance Clinic will help you attain the goal of being comfortable knowing, skillfully expressing, and learning from your emotions.

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redfingerpointhandTo purchase, click on the proper link below:

Click to buy the Emotional Balance Clinic only.

 Click here to purchase EB Clinic with LifeJournal software and/or with the Emotional Balance Add-On



redfingerpointhandTo purchase, click on the proper link below:

Click to buy the Emotional Balance Clinic only.

 Click here to purchase EB Clinic with LifeJournal software and/or with the Emotional Balance Add-On

*Clinic in the phrase “Emotional Balance Clinic” is meant to describe an intensive program of focused resources and writing activities.  The “Emotional Balance Clinic” will provide ideas, structure and methods for you to work on emotions using your writing, but in no way provides medical treatment for any mental or nervous disorder.  Please seek help for any psychiatric issues from professionals in your area.
 **A Mini-Workbook is a digestible nugget of information and activity on a specific and useful topic, such as emotional triggers or positive brain-training.  The Mini-Workbook gives you a brief overview of the topic, a writing exercise that will teach you a skill in that area and a follow up suggestion that will help you maintain your skill in your life.  The Mini-Workbook is contained and concise, but will give you helpful ideas with great staying power.