Journal Writing Websites

Websites about journaling:

The International Association for Journal Writing ( is a membership site which has 30 Journal Writing experts (Kay Adams, Christina Baldwin, Eric Maisel, Lucia Capacchione, Gabriele Rico and more!) who have joined together to create a site filled with all kinds of information about journal writing.  Articles, telecasts, discussion forum and more!  This is a fabulous resource for both novice and veteran journal writers.

Creativity Portal is an inspiring and encouraging website filled with information related to journaling, writing, and all aspects of creativity. Check it out!

Kay Adams’ Center for Journal Therapy is a gathering place for those who know the power of writing for growth and healing. Kay Adams has written many books and created workshops related to journaling.

Sue Meyn’s Journal Magic alway has lots of great information for journal writers.

Gillie Bolton writes about “reflective practice,” writing to improve professional and personal development in the caring and teaching professions–teachers, physicians, therapists.

Ira Progoff’s specific style and structure of journaling writing are discussed at theProgoff Intensive Journal website.

Visit Nan Fischer’s website, Inspired to Journal, for all kinds of information to inspire your journal writing.

Founded by Tristine Rainer, The Center for Autobiographical Studies is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, appreciation, creation and preservation of contemporary autobiographic works.

The Soul Food Café is a site overflowing with healthy and tasty morsels for every writer. It’s full of tips, techniques, references and encouragement for writers of all kinds. Visit it often for inspiration for “listening to your muse.” Heather Blakey, who serves up these dishes from Australia, has a number of online mailing lists to help members make writing a daily practice. Most e-mails are brief, providing writing exercises for votaries of personal computer journal keeping.

Joyce Chapman brings “information, ideas, and techniques which will enable you to bring your dreams into focus and make them a reality.”

Websites about dreams and dream interpretation:

Dreammoods is an extensive website about the world of dreams.

Websites to help improve your writing:

Visit Sheila Bender’s website, and subscribe to her high quality online magazine about writing from personal experience.

Gabriele Rico’s web site is about Writing the Natural Way.

These websites may help in self-understanding and personal growth:

Writing for Emotional Balance offers information and exercises about how to use writing to help manage overwhelming feelings.

HealthyPlace offers a community of people providing mental health information, support, and the opportunity to share experiences helpful to others.

Self-Healing Expressions, one lesson at a time, is a top ranking holistic site which provides self-paced e-course on mind body spirit topics. Innovative course feature interactive web tools, forums, flash shows, and more.

Visit psychotherapist Rachel Ballon’s website to learn more about how she uses writing to heal for empowerment and change.

Psychologist Dr.James Pennebaker, the leading expert on the health benefits of writing, has a website which offers a wealth of information about health, writing, and self-understanding.

John Argeropoulos is an Emeritus Professor of counseling and career development at Northern Michigan University who has created an informative site, Visit for a quick realignment of values.

Dana Reynolds’ website,, is full of spiritual information for women.

Joan Leof’s website includes information about Writing to Heal.

Find Therapists Specializing in Journal Therapy and read blog articles about Journal Therapy.

Websites related to health issues that are helped by journaling:

Research by Joshua Smyth, PhD, and others has shown that writing about meaningful, important events in your life may significantly improve symptoms.Rheumatoid offers valuable information regarding rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint pain steps on how to find arthritis relief.