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It’s been an exciting month here in Sarasota. My daughter was married on April 16th and we had an unbelievably fun and celebratory weekend with family and friends.   Although I’ve been immersed with wedding details for the last month or so, I have kept several pots stirring in the LifeJournal world, too.  Here’s the latest stuff that we’ve cooked up for you!

  • To celebrate Earth Day, last week I sent out an email offering to buy a tree for every new person who “likes” the LifeJournal Facebook page:  So far, we’ll be buying about 150 trees.  My promise is still on until April 30—click the “like” button near the top of the LifeJournal Facebook page on or before April 30 and we’ll buy a tree in your honor!
  • There’s a valuable and free telesummit hosted by Tina Games that starts TODAY Tina’s telesummit will be a series of roundtable discussions with 10 other experts on the topics of motherhood, life purpose, intuition, creativity and journal writing – and how they all weave together to unveil one’s divine purpose.  Come join me! I’ll be on the panel on Wednesday, April 27th at 1 PM Eastern time on Motherhood, Life Purpose and Journaling.  Come sign up–yes, it’s free!
  • If you haven’t participated in an online Writing Practice yet, I strongly recommend that you do.  Author and writing provocateur Judy Reeves creates the perfect atmosphere for an online Writing Practice—offering an engaging prompt and an opportunity to read your writing practice.  Register and you’ll find out how much great writing energy a group brings to you.  

This month’s article is about a feature of the LifeJournal Timeline called “A Letter to Another Time” that you may have overlooked. It’s a great tool! Try it out!

Keep writing, stay aware, create goodness in the world,

Ruth Folit – LifeJournal software (Click the “Like” button!) – The International Association for Journal Writing

Letter To Another Time
by Ruth Folit

During your lifetime, I know that you’ve had experiences that weren’t ideal.  Maybe your older sister teased you mercilessly, making you feel like you were dumb, or goofy, or clutzy, or in some way simply not good enough.  Or, you heard that someone had “big, beautiful eyes” you then asked your mother if you had big beautiful eyes she replied a simple no, not really. Or your third grade teacher leaked to the class that weren’t good at science and got a poor grade on your report card.

As kids we had no perspective.  We didn’t realize at the time that our older sisters were simply jealous of our existence and abilities; that our mothers weren’t as skillfully nurturing as she could be and should have just said, “Yes, sweetie, you have beautiful, twinkling eyes!”; or that our third grade teachers had lives outside our classrooms that interfered with them being great teachers.

How would you–as a three year old, a six year old or a ten year old– know that? As a 41 year old, a 58 year old, or a 72 year old, however, you do know better.

These hurts—both recurring and monumental, and occasional and trivial—and how you reacted to them, helped shape you into who you are today.  Indeed you realize, your older sister’s constant degrading comments not only weren’t true, but were erosive of your overall sense of self.  It’s time to turn that around!

Write yourself A Letter to Another Time. Sit down and write a letter to your three year old self. Remember to speak to her in a way that your three year old self understands.  And see what happens if you write it in present tense…

Dear Ruthie,  Your big sister isn’t really nice to you, is she?  She constantly teases you and makes you feel like you are doing things wrong or that you are not good enough. I’m so sorry that she does that to you—because, guess what?  It’s not true!  She’s feeling a little bad about herself—that SHE’S dumb or silly or not good enough– and so she tells YOU that.  Are you surprised?!

Here are some things you can tell her when she talks to you that way: “Stop talking to me like I’m doing something wrong, I’m not!  It’s MY way of doing things and it’s perfectly fine! In fact, it’s really cool!”   Or, “That may be the way you feel, but it’s not how I feel!”



To write A Letter to Another Time, within the LifeJournal program, click the Timeline button from the application toolbar.  Then in the Timeline, at the top left, click the Letter to Another Time toolbar button– the orange square with the envelope in it which is the seventh button from the left.  A dialog box opens where you can enter the date where you want the Letter to Future icon to appear on the timeline.  Give the Letter a title which you’ll be able to see when you mouseover it within the Timeline and click the OK button. There’s benefit in the writing and the re-reading, so click the icon from the timeline and you can re-read it whenever you need a reminder!

End Quotes:

““Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.”—Sandra Carey

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”—Oscar Wilde

“Wisdom begins in wonder.”–Aristotle

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