LifeJournal™ Newsletter – August 2002

I hope you enjoyed your summer and found made some time for yourself to write in your journal. If not, you might be able to set aside an hour or two of the Labor Day weekend to write. You could reflect on your summer–what you’ve done, what you’re looking forward to in the upcoming months. Or just hit the prompt or quote button within LifeJournal and to get started.

Ruth Folit
Chronicles Software Company

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Website Makeover!
Letter to the Future–Basics and Beyond
Mailbag: Daily Task List
End Quotes
How To Purchase LifeJournal

Website Makeover!

We have revised our website. Come visit us at and let us know what you think. We now have a survey on our home page with questions asking for feedback about the new site. Let us know if you have any suggestions about what more we could include in our website that would be helpful to you.

Letter for the Future: Basics and Beyond

The Letter for the Future helps you remember tasks, goals, concepts, insights, encouragement and whatever you want to remind yourself about in the future. It’s a great feature and it’s easy to use.

To create a Letter for the Future, go to the Features menu>Letter for the Future. A window opens with a large text box, where you can write yourself a letter, note, or reminder. Click OK, and a dialog box will appear, asking you on what date you’d like to receive the letter. Click the drop down arrow to open a calendar, and click the appropriate date. Or you can change the date by selecting the month, day, or year and using the arrow keys. After you click OK, the message will be stored.

On the appointed day, your Letter will appear as soon as you open the LifeJournal program. If you don’t open the LifeJournal program on the chosen day, the Letter will appear the next time you open the journal.

The Letter can serve many purposes: You can remind yourself about something you need to do on a specific day; you may want to remind yourself, for example, to pay college tuition, call your mother, or buy a gift for your friend’s birthday.

You can also use the Letter for the Future to remind yourself of concepts, insights, or attitudes; for example, when you suddenly understand something in a new breakthrough kind of way, it’s great to be able to recall that compelling experience. It can be difficult to remember that “aha!” feeling or insight a couple of weeks later, equally problematic to recreate the “Eureka!” feeling as time passes, and even more tricky to incorporate your newfound understanding into your life. Those moments of insight sometime slip away.

Here’s an example of how I’ve used the Letter to keep an insight with me for weeks and remind myself to incorporate it into my life . About three weeks ago I awoke from a dream that involved menacing snakes and snapping turtles. In the dream, when I interacted with the reptiles, they became playful, harmless puppy dogs. My interpretation is that these monstrous, scary animals represent off-the-wall worries that become manageable once I deal with them. I have copied that dream into several Letters for the Future, and have it appear a few days before I have a big meeting or deadline that is worrying me. The Letter brings that dream to my consciousness and will influence me more deeply and more powerfully than just the simple, generalized admonition, “Relax, don’t worry!”

You can also use the Letter as a great motivator when you have a goal that you want to accomplish over an extended period of time. You can break the process toward achieving the goal into several steps or tasks of action, and send yourself Letters at the appropriate dates.

Mail Bag: Daily Task List, a great idea from a customer

I had an e-mail exchange with customer Kenneth Rhee recently. In his e-mail he discussed how he created a Daily Task List in LifeJournal. I asked him about how he incorporates that into LifeJournal.

Kenneth writes that when he first starts the day, he simply reviews his organizer or notes and decides what he really wants to work on that day. He then enters these in a bulleted form to his new daily journal entry and bookmarks it with a topic called “Daily Tasks”. (“Daily Tasks” is a topic that Kenneth has added to his Topics List.) Although he creates a new entry every day, he recognizes that you could keep one master entry only for daily tasks. Kenneth says the reason he creates a new entry daily is that he want to see just the day’s tasks and start fresh. If there are things left over from the day, he transfers them to A Letter For the Future set to be received for the following day, so it will pop up the next day just as he starts to think about his daily tasks. He then strikes through the tasks as he accomplishes them.

Thanks, Kenneth for sharing your creative and useful idea for making the most of LifeJournal. If anyone else has any suggestions that they think would benefit others, please write to us.

End Quotes:

I believe the future is only the past again, entered through another gate.
— Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, British dramatist

Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.
-Albert Camus, French existentialist writer.

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