LifeJournal™ Newsletter – August 2007


LifeJournal Newsletter – August, 2007
IntroductionHere is my career story in brief: After graduating with degrees in environmental studies, I worked with government agencies to help write environmental public policy. After some time I knew I didn’t like working in a bureaucratic setting and was impatient at the slow pace of seeing ideas translated into action.

I was looking for a change and leaned heavily on journal writing while searching for the right career. I wrote about my thoughts and feelings and envisioned myself in hundreds of jobs. It was during this five year period of intense journal writing that I conceived the LifeJournal concept. So I can personally attest that using a journal is a powerful tool for expressing one’s needs and desires that helped lead me to a satisfying, successful career. However, I can also confirm that my unstructured process took me a very long time, was often discouraging, and felt for many years more like I was on an aimless meander rather than on a focused straightforward path to a new career. Happily, I can now recommend a direct and clear map to finding a fulfilling career.

A company called The Right Mountain contacted me and described a structured journaling practice they have developed to help people find the career and life that they love. During more than 20 years, The Right Mountain has worked with thousands of people and refined the process to ten self-discovering, specific, and sequential steps. The Right Mountain people wanted to team with us to create software that combined their process with LifeJournal. I’m delighted to announce the release of the product of that collaboration, our newest program, The Right Mountain LifeJournal.

I invite you to read the articles about the program–even if you (and your friends and family all) are happily engaged in a career and life you love. It’s an interesting backstory of why and how The Right Mountain was developed. (for example, where did the name “The Right Mountain” come from?) The second article gives you some technical and practical information about the new program.

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Ruth Folit
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If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re in the right career or have struggled to answer the question “who am I?”, then you’ll want to try the latest addition to the LifeJournal family.

The Right Mountain LifeJournal offers a practical, step-by-step program that consists of a series of guided tasks that help you better understand yourself and help you make better career–and life–decisions!

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The Right Mountain LifeJournal

The story of The Right Mountain begins with founder Jim Hayhurst (known as Hurst ) who, in his mid-forties after building one of Canada ’s largest and most respected advertising agencies, sold his company. Hurst ’s mission at that time was to find a new career for himself. He took the challenge seriously, renting a small office to have a place to do the work. He, like many people who are looking for a perfect job, hoped that one of his friends or business contacts would bring the right job to him. That didn’t happen. Hurst spent months feeling isolated and less and less certain that he was good at anything. He began to think that he might never find a job.




”The Right Mountain program has given me the tools to understand how I am and what I want from my career and life. Without your framework I was struggleing in a morass of self-doubt, vague discontent and acute frustration. Being able to break down the issues objectively and tackle them systematically was the key to my breakthrough. You have given me a gift that I will have for the rest of my life.”


–Robert B.

How to Test Drive The Right Mountain LifeJournal

The Right Mountain LifeJournal installation file is set up so that you can try the program regardless of whether another LifeJournal program is installed on your computer. If you DO NOT have another LifeJournal program (iether a demo or a full version) installed on your computer, follow these directions.

1. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL: Go to Download and save the installation file, rmsetup.exe. When fully downloaded, double click the file and it will install by default into C:\Programs Files\Right Mountain.

2. CREATE A WRITER and start using the program. You can write up to 15 journal entries, and you have access to viewing all the steps in the program, but not entering information.



End Quotes:

“True success is the attainment of purpose without compromising core values.”
–JIm Hayhurst, Sr.

“Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.”

—David McCullough


“Look for the right thinks in your life, and build on them. And it is a heck of a lot more fun looking at the good times, the righttimes. Where have I gone right? We think it’s a better way to look at life.”

—Jim Hayhurst, Sr.

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