LifeJournal™ Newsletter – August 2008

I’m back from vacation. One of the things I like about vacations—besides the vacation itself—is the few days upon returning when I have one foot in my vacation mindset and one back foot in the daily routine. It gives me a chance to see my everyday world with new eyes, a rich time to journal to capture these fresh perspectives.

This month’s newsletter continues with information from the June Journaling Conference in Denver that Kathleen Adams organized.When I arrived at the conference, the first person I met was Beth Jacobs, the author of the book “Writing for Emotional Balance” which I reviewed in the February 2008 newsletter. I attended Dr. Jacob’s workshop at the conference where she did a remarkable job of explaining how writing helps people balance their emotional lives. She graciously agreed to write an article about the brain, emotions, and writing for this issue of the LifeJournal newsletter.

The second article in this month’s newsletter is about creating hyperlinks between LifeJournal entries. This is a function that many might not know about, but offers a good way to connect entries that have a common thread.

I’m excited to announce a webinar that Sheila Bender and I will offer in September for those who want to improve their writing by using LifeJournal for Writers. Go to to learn more. As it’s our first time presenting this webinar, we are limiting the class to the first ten people who sign up. If you have any questions, please email me at rfolit (at)

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The Brain, Emotions, and Writing: Why They All Work Together

by Beth Jacobs, Ph. D.

Expressive writing helps people emotionally. As a journaler and a therapist, I’ve witnessed this reality in many contexts and thanks to the line of research started by James Pennebaker, this fact is now documented in the terms of empirical science (Pennebaker, 1997; Smyth, 1998). The definitive statement about why this is true or exactly how it works will never be made because the ways writing about important experiences helps people emotionally are as varied as the people themselves. But modern brain science does provide some information to structure and expand our awareness of writing’s benefits. If we understand some about how the brain processes emotion, we see a concrete and clear logic behind writing as a tool of emotion management.



Creating Hyperlinks between LifeJournal Entries
On occasion you may have written two or more journal entries that are related in some way. Perhaps you’ve written about a dream and you realize that there’s some close parallel to an event in your waking life. Or perhaps, you are noticing the common threads between a childhood experience and a current situation, where you cans see the present belief system rooted in a past incident. By linking journal entries you can quickly move from one journal entry to another related one, helping you see connections and life patterns.


New Webinar!
Sheila Bender and Ruth Folit, creators of LifeJournal for Writers software, will offer an online seminar for aspiring and professional writers who want to improve their writings by keeping journals. Meet online on four Tuesday evenings in September for one-hour sessions to learn:
  • how keeping a journal improves your writing
  • how to commit to journal writing
  • how to best use your LifeJournal for Writers daily
  • how to increase your productivity
  • how to continue using LifeJournal for Writers effectively after the webinar has ended


End Quotes

There’s always something to write about. If there’s not then you need to live life more aggressively.“ – Min Kim
“It’s good to rub and polish our brain against that of others.” –Michel de Montaigne
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