LifeJournal™ Newsletter – December 2009


December 2009 LifeJournal Newsletter

It’s hard to believe we’re coming to the close of another year–and the beginning of new one! Transitions are naturally a time to reflect on the past and consider the future. This upcoming teleclass with Eric Maisel couldn’t come at a better time:

Teleclass with Dr. Eric Maisel: Journal Your Way to Personal Meaning
Thursday, December 17, at 8 PM Eastern | 7 PM Mountain | 6 PM Central | 5 PM Pacific

If you are looking to find greater personal meaning in your life—looking for more satisfaction in your daily life, searching for ways to contribute more fully to the world using your personal strengths—then you must attend this one-hour teleclass! There is a simple, step-by-step process you can follow for using your journal as your primary tool for making personal meaning. Dr. Eric Maisel, well-known and highly-respected author, family therapist, and founder of the professions of creativity coaching and meaning coaching, explains this step-by-step process in this informative—and potentially life-changing—teleclass.  Learn more>>>

If a goal for the upcoming year is to write better, sign up for class with Sheila Bender. I’ve taken classes with Sheila and she’s a master: her classes are a winning blend of high-quality content and enthusiastic encouragement.

Journal Like the Pros—Online Writing Workshop with Sheila Bender
January, 2010–flex schedule

Sheila Bender, content partner for LifeJournal for Writers, and author of books about writing and poetry, offers an online,  flex schedule class (you attend and submit on your own timetable) about how to journal like the pros.  If you took any of earlier Journal Like the Pros classes, this one will have different exercises–so sign up again!  Learn more >>


We’re running a special holiday bundle for the next 2 days ONLY (until Saturday night  (12/12) at midnight –Eastern time) : 

Buy a LifeJournal program (any full version of LifeJournal), and sign up for the International Association for Journal Writing (IAJW), and you’ll get $10 off!  The mission of IAJW is to offer real solutions and practical guidance and encouragment so can you get more out of your journaling: to write often, in your own voice, and move into new and deeper territory.

Already own a LifeJournal program?  You could either give the LifeJournal CD as a gift and keep the IAJW membership for yourself, OR, give the combo LifeJournal CD and the IAJW membership! You couldn’t come up with a more perfect gift for one of your journaling buddies! Click below to purchase the bundle of your choice:

LifeJournal & IAJW                           LJ for Writers & IAJW                     Christian LJ & IAJW 
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I want to tell you about a totally free online backup service online that you can use with LifeJournal:

At no cost, it allows you to save (in total, up to 2 GB of ) files to a remote server and have access to those files from several different computers.  You can use this service with LifeJournal for two purposes:

A) You can back up your LifeJournal data, so when your computer crashes, you won’t ever lose another journal entry! (It’s easier than backing up to a USB flash drive–there’s nothing to carry with you!)

B) You can also use Dropbox to synchronize your journal entries between computers.

Here’s how I synchronized two computers with LifeJournal using Dropbox:


1. I created a Dropbox account and installed the dropbox software on computer A.

2. I dragged the entire ‘My Documents\LifeJournal\[YourName]’ folder to my Dropbox folder on my hard drive. That task backs up my LifeJournal data to a remote server, so that if my computer crashes, I still have my journal entries!


B) SYNCHRONIZING: I then wanted to synchronize my LifeJournal program with a second computer:

1. I downloaded and installed the Dropbox software on computer B.

2. I opened LifeJournal, selected “Restore writer” from the Writer dropdown in the LJ login dialog, browsed to my dropbox\[YourName].ljd file and clicked “OK.”

3. Then, when I was ready to close LifeJournal, within LifeJournal,  I went  to the File menu>Backup LifeJournal.  I clicked the “Browse” button and went to C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\My Documents\My Dropbox.  I have backed up my most recent journal entries onto the shared Dropbox file.

4.Next time I want to access my most up-to-date LifeJournal data, when I login, I will select “Restore Writer” from the dropdown in the login dialog, browse to my dropbox \[YourName].ljd file and click “OK.”

Please, please back up your journal entries to Dropbox or some media other than your own hard drive.

Wishing you a joyous, healthy, and fulfilling holiday season from the LifeJournal family to yours!

Ruth Folit