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Happy New Year from all of us at Chronicles Software Company! Thanks to you, circulation for the LifeJournal newsletter is close to 4,500.  We appreciate your spreading the word about LifeJournal. We continue to grow, and we plan to release an exciting new version, version 2.0, in the second half of 2002.  We’ll keep you informed as we have more specific news.

In our continuous effort to stay in touch with the journal writing community, we ask for your feedback. We pose two questions: How has journaling helped you?  How has LifeJournal, in particular, helped your journaling?

Anyone who would like to respond, please send to  We’ll report back to you on the result in an upcoming newsletter.

Ruth Folit

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Using LifeJournal for creating change in your life
Tip: Review the List of Titles
Mailbag: Questions about Moving Previous Journal Entries Written in Microsoft Word into LifeJournal
End quotes
How to purchase LifeJournal

Using LifeJournal for creating change in your life

Last month our newsletter contained the article Re-reading Your Journal. Perhaps after looking back, you may want to consider what your next steps in life will be—in what direction you want to be headed during the upcoming year. What about your life last year do you want to maintain? What do you want to discontinue? What new dimensions do you want to explore next year? The tricky part is implementing your ideas about how you want to change. You can use LifeJournal to support yourself in the changes you want to make. 

  •  Letter to the Future: 

Letter to the Future is one feature that you can use to help you create change in your life. You can remind yourself of goals, cheer yourself on with encouraging words, or jog your memory.  You can break down the goals into smaller steps and then create a series of Letters to the Future. The letters can remind you each task you need to  perform toward reaching your goal and can remind you on the appropriate date.

Here are the mechanics of the Letter to the Future feature: 

Go to the Features menu>A Letter to the Future.  A dialog appears with a text box that allows you to write whatever you’d like yourself to read at a future date. When you click on the OK button, another dialog box appears asking you to assign the date that you want to receive the letter. Select the date in the future, and click OK

When you open LifeJournal on the chosen date, a dialog box entitled, “A Letter from the Past” will appear.  Click on the Open button and the letter you have written will appear. You may read the note and delete it by clicking the Delete button.  Or, you may insert it into your journal by clicking the Insert button. Then, a Daily Journal entry will appear with the contents of the Letter in it. (Ironically, this entry will be automatically be titled Letter from the Past. You can change the title if you want, of course.)  

  •     Reminder button in Pulse Notes 

Another feature that can help you stay on course in creating change is the Reminder button on the Pulse Notes. When you enter your Daily Pulse values, a text box allows you to enter a short note called Pulse Notes. One purpose of Pulse Notes is to fill in details related to your Daily Pulse values. The Reminder button can help you keep track of specific new actions that you may be focusing on, e.g. productivity at work, number of smoked cigarettes, degree of patience with your kids, or maintaining an exercise routine. Click the Reminder button that lists the topics that you want to write about in the Pulse Notes daily.  

To add/remove topics to your Reminder button, go to the Tools menu>Preferences. Select from the list of Pulse Note reminders and click OK. If you want to keep track of an issue that isn’t on the list, click the Add Reminder button and type in the reminder that you want to add. 

  •     Assigning Topics  

If you are working on a particular change, be sure to include topics in the Topics List that adequately address those issues. Next month’s newsletter will provide some suggestions for ways to organize the Topics list. 

Tip: Review the List of Titles

Open the List All Entries grid by clicking on the fourth button from the right on the horizontal toolbar, or by going to the View menu>List All Entries. The list of entries will appear in reverse chronological order.  (You can toggle between reverse chronological order and chronological order by clicking on the date label at the top of the column.) Scan the second column which shows the titles of your entries. See what you can learn just from this list of titles.  Are you writing more about yourself, your relationships, or your work? Does your focus change?  What are your recurring themes? Are there words that re-appear in the titles? Do you use more feeling or thinking words?

Mail bag: Questions about Moving Previous Journal Entries Written in Microsoft Word into LifeJournal


I have been writing journal entries in Microsoft Word for three years.  I have some questions about how to move the entries into LifeJournal. Specifically,

1. I know the software automatically gives time and date, but can I manually put dates and times in?

2. Can I copy from Microsoft Word and paste the writings in the pages of the LifeJournal?


1.       Yes, you can manually enter and/or change dates and times on any entry by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the date. When the calendar appears, you can click on the arrows to the right and left of the month and year to navigate to the previous and next months.

You can also navigate by year. If you click on the year shown two otherwise hidden arrows appear by which you can scroll by year.

2.       Yes, you can copy from Microsoft Word and paste each document into LifeJournal entries.  But even better, LifeJournal has an import function that lets you import either one entry at a time or an entire folder of entries. The documents have to be in an .rtf format.  You can convert.doc Word documents into .rtf either one at a time or as a batch in more recent versions of Word.  The title of each Word document becomes the title of each journal entry, and the date of the creation of your Word document becomes the date of the LifeJournal entry.

End quotes: 

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
~Mohandas Gandhi 

Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.
~Robert C. Gallagher

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