LifeJournal™ Newsletter – January 2008

Happy New Year!

January is a great time for invigorating the journal writing process.  It’s a natural time to review your last year and look forward to the future: What are your goals for the upcoming year and what are your needs, your hopes, your fears, your obstacles and your strengths?

For some ideas about reviewing your past journal entries, I recommend that you read a newsletter article written in December 2006  about Rereading Your Journal:

In this month’s newsletter, there are two articles:  The first one is about creating a journal writing ritual. The second one celebrates a member of our LifeJournal community: Nancy Oliver. A  playwright, TV, and screenplay writer (and LifeJournal customer and advocate), Nancy has just been nominated for an Academy Award! Congratulations, Nancy!!

Wishing you a healthy, productive, and prosperous New Year!

Ruth Folit
Chronicles Software Company

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Creating a Journal Centering Ritual

Last month I attended the 2007 Wellness and Writing Connections Conference inAtlanta .  The opening keynote speaker was James W. Pennebaker, PhD. He is the psychology professor at the University of Texas who spearheaded the research about the benefits of expressive writing.

In his presentation Dr. Pennebaker discussed some of the conditions that help enhance the expressive writing process.  His research showed that creating a journal writing ritual was something that is very beneficial.


Nancy Oliver Nominated for an Academy Award! 
Nancy Oliver (writer and LifeJournal fan) was nominated for an Academy Award for her screenplay “Lars and the Real Girl.” About her movie Oliver said,” Two things that I think are fundamental to human experience are loneliness and kindness. Both are absolutely at the heart of the movie.”
Read our LifeJournal interview in June 2003 with Nancy about how journal writing has influenced her professional writing.  And then read Nancy ’s thoughts about Re-writing, in an article she wrote for the LifeJournal newsletter, also in 2003.

“I have been a LifeJournal user for many, many years.  I saw this Christian version and thought it would be great to add to my collection. I was right. It is great! Thanks.

–Kevin Cooper


End Quotes:
The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks. See the line from a sufficient distance, and it straightens itself to the average tendency.”
      Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking the eggs.”
—Joseph Campbell


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