LifeJournal Newsletter – June-July 2013

Introducing LifeJournal Online!

“At times of great winds, some build bunkers, while others build windmills.” 
–Chinese proverb

LifeJournal lives in an era and sector of great winds. Increasingly, technology shifts as swiftly as the winds do. The LifeJournal team is working with the shifts of technology, dedicating itself to the best aspects of new technology and applying it to journal keeping. 

When LifeJournal arrived on the scene 14 years ago, Windows 98, 2nd edition had just come out! Today, Windows continues its pace while Macs are gaining in popularity; tablets are the rage; and internet connectivity is all around us.   

However, our wish to have private places where we write to explore, to chronicle, and to make sense of our lives hasn’t changed. In fact, the call to connect with ourselves may be even stronger now, as we need anchors to live with the fast pace of the 21st century. 

We’ve been talking to our LifeJournal customers, listening to Mac users who want to use LifeJournal, and watching technology evolve. Our programming team has been researching best ways to move forward and we have a top-quality solution that we’re incredibly excited to present to you today.  LifeJournal Online.  It’s a powerful, innovative solution for everyone  who want to learn more about their worlds, appreciate their lives, navigate change, track their progress, and untangle knotty issues—all through the magic of the written word! 

And now you can access your LifeJournal anytime, anywhere. LifeJournal Online (LJO) runs on all four major browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It runs on PCs and Macs–desktop and laptops–and yes, it even runs on iPads and other tablets. 

LifeJournal Online is very, very secure, built with cutting-edge, highest level secure technology. Keeping journal data private and secure was the highest priority to the LifeJournal development team when constructing the program. 

LifeJournal Online looks a little different but it’s very similar to the structure of LifeJournal for Windows that you know and love. Rather than having to climb a steep learning curve, when you run LifeJournal Online it will be more like a re-union with an old friend. And those who are new to LifeJournal Online find it to be user-friendly and intuitive. And, of course, there are Help documents: FAQs for LJO andLJO by Feature

You can find all the same Add-Ons for LifeJournal Online as there are for LJ for Windows.  If you have any Add-Ons for LJ for Windows, then there’s no cost to have the same Add-On on your LifeJournal Online. Click here for more detailed info about moving your Add-Ons. 

Syncing data between your LifeJournal for Windows and LifeJournal Online is not available yet, but will be ready in early August.  We’ll be in touch with you LifeJournal Online subscribers who also have LifeJournal3 for Windows. We’ll contact LJO subscribers about syncing in the order that they subscribed. During the syncing process your Add-Ons will automatically be incorporated into you LJ Online. 

I invite you to try out LifeJournal Online. As always, you can try before you buy with 15 entries and limited Prompts, Quotes and Wisdom files available in trial mode.

Click here to subscribe to LifeJournal Online now!  The annual fee for LifeJournal Online is an incredible $27. A very reasonable price for safe, secure, and private online journaling from both computers and tablets.

AND A BONUS! Just for July! Subscribe to LifeJournal Online and buy one Add-On, and you will get six months free membership to the International Association for Journal Writing (! Subscribe to LifeJournal Online and buy three or more Add-Ons, and you will get 12 months free membership to IAJW! We’ll send you membership information within 48 hours of subscribing with add-ons.  

To your writing,

Ruth Folit — LifeJournal Software–click the LIKE button!

Have questions? Email; or, call 877-456-8762; or,
go to the LifeJournal Support page.

PS Yes, our tried and true LifeJournal for Windows is still available to buy and to try.

Writing and Structure: Striking a Balance
By Ruth Folit 

Celebrated author and writing teacher Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones;Wild MindOld Friend From Far Away; and Banana Rose), was the guest for the IAJW
(International Association for Journal Writing) interview in May. More than 300 people signed up to listen! 

One of the topics was the importance of structure in writing.  Natalie spoke of having both structure and no structure in her writing retreats. 

Her writing retreats are highly structured, with each hour scheduled throughout the day. Yet, during the writing portion of the retreat, Natalie may offer an open-ended writing prompt that has as its only structure a time limit.  When questioned about this paradox she spoke about the need to strike a balance. The retreat offered the constraints of structure, to help writers feel comfortable and secure, but the writing itself might be without boundaries to open to whatever flows from ones fingers. 

In her most recent book, The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language, Natalie describes how critical structure is to order our lives—our minds and writing. She believes some built-in structure is essential to a good writing practice. 

I began to think about how this concept applied to LifeJournal. LifeJournal is a structure for your writing: available as an anchor, yet flexible enough to allow your writing to be open-ended and untethered if you’d like. Your writing content may be all over the map, but saved withing LifeJournal you are able to build a roadmap organizing your writing when you want to.  It’s a container for the chaos of sometime seemingly aimless writing.  You can use the mechanisms built-in for finding common threads among the writing (using the Journal Explorer and theSearch dialog).  If you want a springboard to either get lift off or dive deeply, you can chose from the seemingly infinite PromptsQuotes and Wisdom

And LifeJournal is private, so you can feel good about writing in a watertight container that is designed to protect your uncensored outpourings. 

Natalie Goldberg also talked about creating structure as part of a writing practice. She emphasized the importance of set up writing appointments with yourself and honor them, as you would appointments with your doctor, accountant, or friend.  

Once in the application, you may chose to use the timer within LifeJournal to further add structure for a particular writing.

Now you can view LifeJournal not just as a piece of software, but as an integral piece of your writing structure.

“The Perfect Journaling Platform!” 
A Testimonial from a Longtime Journal Keeper

 by David Isham 

I have been looking for the perfect journaling platform for years.  To me the perfect journaling platform would integrate all of my devices: iPad, lap-top, and desktops—at home and at work—all while keeping the journal entries synced between each device.  I carry my iPad more than I carry my laptop, so I was always looking for the perfect iOS journaling app, and found some really good ones like Chronicles and Day One.  But I absolutely love LifeJournal 3 (for Windows) with its add-ons with extra writing prompts, quotes, and its powerful organizing features.  I thought I would never be able to integrate the portability and convenience of my iPad with the power of my laptop and the LifeJournal 3 software. 

Well, now Ruth and her team at Chronicles Software Company, in my opinion, have created the perfect journaling platform.  Essentially you do all your journaling in the cloud using basically the same software as the original LifeJournal3. 

You can access your cloud journaling account from tablets, laptops, and desktops with an internet connection and compatible browser.  Don’t worry about the security of your most secret thoughts; they are protected by the highest encrypted security available. 

Has your computer ever crashed and you lost all your files?  It happened to me about three months ago. That can be devastating to one who journals daily for years to lose all that writing.  With LifeJournal Online your journals are stored and backed up on Chronicles Software Company’s servers and, if you own a copy of LifeJournal for Windows, will be able to be synced on your local machine.  Your journals are kept secret.  No one has access to them and you are protected from losing journal entries due to a computer crash or hard drive failure.  
I suggest you try LifeJournal Online on your different devices.  Although LifeJournal Online is very intuitive I suggest reading through the FAQs to help familiarize yourself with the features and learn what functions of the website are customizable for the way you like to journal. 

One last word.  This refers to technical support.  Ruth maintains a support forum and or you can send her private messages.  Many times she is involved in answering the support ickets herself or it will be one of her ver competent, helpful, friendly staff members.
There is not a better journaling platform in the market.  I highly suggest you give it a try and see for yourself.

The International Association for Journal Writing (IAJW) News 

The next IAJW telechat is Tuesday, July 16 at 7 PM Pacific/4 PM Pacific.  Our guest is Barbara Abercrombie. Barbara is an author of novels, children’s books and non-fiction. Learn more hereIAJW members, sign up here. 

Last month’s IAJW telechat was with Pat Schneider, 
Founder of the Amherst Writers and Artist and author of Writing Alone and With Others. Natalie Goldbergwas the guest in May. IAJW members can listen to these telechats here. 

End Quotes 

“Writing is for everyone, like eating and sleeping.”–Natalie Goldberg 

“Structure is so important. It’s how we learn to order our lives–and order our mind and our writing.”–Natalie Goldberg
“Not being able to write is a learned disability.”–Pat Schneider

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