LifeJournal™ Newsletter – March 2006

LifeJournal Newsletter
March 2006

The big news this month is that we are introducing a new specialized edition of LifeJournal: Christian LifeJournal ( We teamed up with Bob Climko, MD, MBA to create a LifeJournal version that is an inspiration for awareness of and growth in one’s Christian Life. Read more about this new version below and also visit the Christian LifeJournal web pages.

We recognize that people use journals for a range of purposes, and we are working to make LifeJournal more closely match your needs. We now have four specialized editions—WritersEducatorsStaying Sober, and Christian—as well as the standard LifeJournal. This newsletter focuses on specialized editions.

If you have subscribed to this newsletter for a while, you may remember that ice cream is an important part of my growing up.  About once a week, we’d pack into the family station wagon for the short ride to the local soft-serve ice cream place to celebrate a happy occasion, help recover from a sad one, or just spend some fun family time.   And it turns out that my husband, when he was growing up, was part of a family equally obsessed with ice cream. (Although, I must interject with a degree of envy that the local ice cream he enjoyed was of much better quality: the mocha chip was a knock-out.)   So you can imagine that the soothing dessert continues to be a focal point for our family—and a metaphor for the versions of LifeJournal.

If you think of the regular LifeJournal program as vanilla, and the specialized version as flavors, this will help you understand how our software works.  The structure is the same:  All LifeJournal flavors are tasty, creamy concoctions that satisfy and nourish you.  The flavors are variations on the theme—the structure is the same, but the content varies. In the rest of this newsletter you will learn more about how these specialized editions work.

Ruth Folit
Chronicles Software Company

P.S. Just a reminder that LifeJournal for Writers’ content partner Sheila Bender offers a Writers’ Conference June 22-26, where both new and seasoned writers receive professional guidance. This is a fabulous opportunity for hands-on instruction from three top-notch writing instructors.


The Newest Specialized Version: Christian LifeJournal
Content Variations in the Specialized Versions—Samples from Each 

Frequently Asked Questions about Specialized Versions
How to Purchase LifeJournal–the Original or Any of the Specialized Versions



The Newest Specialized Version: Christian LifeJournal
Bob Climko describes 
Christian LifeJournal as “the blending of the LifeJournal program with the guidance of prominent spiritual leaders and the Bible to create a way to capture the prayers, goals, and struggles for those seeking God’s purpose. As one Christian LifeJournal writer commented, “Documenting, tracking, and reviewing God’s blessings in my life reminds me that He is always with me, always provides, and always protects. This is an incredible tool that can help any Christian track their growth toward becoming more like Jesus Christ.”  

Bob Climko is a physician who has spent years working with patients suffering from addictive and other behavioral health disorders, working with business executives in need of help with management issues, and working with students as a faculty member at UMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School and Emory Medical School. These experiences have given him a deep and growing understanding of spiritual issues that individuals and organizations confront. He has utilized his in-depth Christian education, beliefs, and values as a blueprint for helping patients, students, executives, businesses, and himself. Bob wrote the prompts and tips for Christian LifeJournal and gathered the quotations to guide journal keepers toward awareness of their God-centeredness through daily writing, reflection, and prayer. We are excited to add Christian LifeJournal to our growing LifeJournal family.

Content Variations in the Specialized Versions

When you open any of the programs in the LifeJournal2 family, they look very similar. On the left is a tool bar with buttons for different journal types, and on the right are toolbar buttons for the other features: advanced search, journal explorer, prompts, quotes, and timeline. 

However, when you open each of the features, the content varies from specialized edition to specialized edition. Below are examples of quotes, prompts, tips, and the default Daily Pulse scales for each of the specialized editions so you can get a taste of what each is like.

CHRISTIAN LifeJournal:


  • “Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.”—John 3:18
  • “The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”—Emily Dickenson
  • “God will not ask you how many books you have read, how many miracles you have worked. He will ask you if you have done your best, for the love of Him. ”—Mother Teresa


  • Sample Prompt Categories: Spiritual life, self-disclosure, family, work
  • From the category “Self-disclosure”: Describe a moment in your life when you felt extremely close to God.
  • From the category “Arts & Culture”: What book(s) have most influenced your Christian life? Why?
  • From the category “Work”: Are you easily able to engage in Christian behavior through your daily work?


  • Reading the Bible or your daily devotional may also act as an inspiration for your journaling.
  • List some examples of your Christ-like actions. Provide one example of being Christ-like which you can exhibit today.
  • Your habit of writing often differentiates you positively. It helps your Christian Life develop and flourish.

Default Daily Pulse Scales: Faith, charity, purpose, contentment, obedience

LifeJournal for WRITERS:


  • “Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”—William Butler Yeats
  • “Words are sounds of the heart.”—Chinese proverb


  • Sample prompt categories: memoir writing; stage and screen, fiction writing, personal essay, revising, article ideas, dialog building
  • From the category “Memoir writing”: List objects that you have kept with you for years. Outline a memoir for which each chapter is named for one of the objects. When you write the chapters, tell the story of the object and how it came to be in your possession.
  • From the category “Point of view”: Write a diary entry by an unreliable narrator (or yourself when blinded by high emotion). Now write a diary entry about the same day from the point of view of a reliable narrator (or yourself when reason returned).


  • Go easy on adjectives–describe your subjects with nouns and metaphor.
  • If you want to turn a freewrite or journal entry into a poem, try putting the prose into couplets (the two lines do not have to rhyme). Next, make stanzas of about 4-6 couplets. Next, prune words that are now unnecessary.

Default Daily Pulse Scales:  Productivity,innovation, in-flow, persistence, depth

LifeJournal for EDUCATORS:


  • “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers…with gratitude to those who touched our human feeling…”–Carl Gustav Jung
  • “Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.” — Colleen Wilcox


  • Sample Prompt Categories: attitudes and values, performance, reflection, knowledge, motivation, growth, leadership
  • From the category “Performance”: What quality do you possess that your students admire the most?
  • From the category “Attitudes and values”: What are the core values you believe are most important in education?

Default Daily Pulse Scales: Motivation, Stress, Productivity, Health

LifeJournal for STAYING SOBER:


  • “Recovery is more than abstinence from substances: it involves changing yourself and your lifestyle.”—Dr. Dennis Daley
  • “Growth begins when we start to accept our own weakness.”—Jean Vanier


  • Sample Categories: Alcohol and drug use, health, emotional health, religion and spirituality, treatment and recovery, relapse prevention
  • From the category “Relapse Prevention”: How would you know if you are headed towards a relapse? What are the warning signs?
  • From the category “Alcohol and Drug Use”: Do you think alcohol or other drugs, or partying, have become too important in your life? Explain your answer.


  • The first three months of recovery are usually the most difficult and represent the highest risk period for relapse. Your body has to adjust to being alcohol or drug free. Your mind has to think differently and not let “addictive” thoughts lead you back to using. You also have to get used to situations where you are pressured to use alcohol or other drugs. And, you have to modify your lifestyle so you get satisfaction from non-substance activities.
  • Recovery is not a solo effort. Getting support from others helps you through difficult times and keeps you connected.

Default Daily Pulse Scales: Alcohol use, drug use, cravings, motivation, social support, recovery tools.

Frequently Asked Questions about Specialized Editions:

Q. How do I learn more about the specialized versions?

A. Go to our web site and find links to each of the specialized versions are on the left side of every page. For reference, here is a listing of the home pages for each of the versions:

Q. If I just buy the specialized version and don’t buy LifeJournal2, will I get everything that is in LifeJournal 2, too?

A. Yes, when you purchase a specialized edition you will be getting just about everything that is in LifeJournal 2.

Q. How much does a specialized version of LifeJournal cost?

A. The download key of a specialized version of LifeJournal costs $44.95.  If you would like the CD, the shipping and handling cost is $6.00 for delivery by US Postal Mail and $18.00 for domestic overnight delivery. To purchase, go the website of the specialized version and click the “Buy LifeJournal” button. (If you have purchased a LifeJournal program already, then the cost of “expanding” it—or adding the specialized content to it—is $15.95. See the next question.)

Q. If I have LifeJournal 2 original version can I purchase a specialized edition? And if so, will the journal entries that I’ve written remain?

A. Yes, if you already have LifeJournal 2, you can purchase a specialized version. And yes, your journal entries will all be available in the combined LifeJournal programs. All the Prompts, Quotes, Tips, Topics List and default Daily Pulse scales will be combined into one program. The cost of adding a specialized version to an existing version is $15.95. To purchase, go the website of the specialized version and click the “Buy LifeJournal” button. Once in the shopping cart of the specialized version, select the second option, “expand.” 

Q. If I have a specialized LJ program, can I purchase a different specialized program to add to it?

A. Yes, to purchase a specialized version, go to the website of the specialized version and click the “Buy LifeJournal” button. Once in the shopping cart, select the second option, “expand.”  The cost of adding a specialized version to an existing version is $15.95.

Q.  I have either a demo or the full version of a LifeJournal program currently installed on my computer.  Can I demo another version?

A. If you have LJ2 or any of the specialized versions installed on your computer, we don’t recommend that you download and install another LifeJournal demo onto that computer. Because of the way the two programs integrate, if you do download the demo under these circumstances you won’t be able to see the second program in action.

If you want to see and test a specialized version before you purchase the key, you could download the demo onto a second computer, one on which none of the other versions has been installed.

Q. How do I install a specialized version, if I already have LJ2 or a different specialized version?

A. Download the program from the appropriate LifeJournal website. Install it into the same directory as the existing LifeJournal program. When you are asked whether you want to install the new content into the existing LifeJournal program, click the “Yes” button.

Q. If I have LifeJournal 1, can I expand to a specialized version?

A. Yes, you can.  Go to the website of the specialized version you want and click the “Buy LifeJournal” button. Then, when in the shopping cart, select the third option “upgrade to [Specialized Version].” The cost of the upgrade is $24.95. 

LJ1 and LJ2 have different basic structures; all the specialized versions have the LJ2 structure.  So when you install a specialized version you must install it into a DIFFERENT directory than your existing LJ1 directory. (If you use the default settings, this will occur automatically.)  As you install the specialized version, your LJ1 entries will automatically convert into the new version.

How to Purchase LifeJournal, Christian LifeJournal, LifeJournal for Writers, LifeJournal for Educators, or LifeJournal for Staying Sober.

There are three ways you can purchase LifeJournal 2 or upgrade to version 2.0:

1. Order online. Click a link below to go to the ordering page for the different versions:

2. Order by telephone, toll free 1-877-456-8762 from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern time, Monday to Friday.

3. Order by postal mail and pay with a check or money order payable to:

Chronicles Software Company
PO Box 220
Sarasota, FL 34230

To learn more about upgrading to LifeJournal 2, go to our June 2005 newsletter.

If you have friends or colleagues who would enjoy this newsletter, invite them to subscribe. We request that you keep the broadcast intact, including our contact and copyright information. 
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