LifeJournal™ Newsletter – November 2011


EXCITING NEWS! LifeJournal 3 is available! LifeJournal 3 has the same comprehensive and flexible structure of LifeJournal 2, with many features expanded in ways that you have asked for! Here is a short list of what’s new in LifeJournal3:

  • More customization: Now you can customize LifeJournal even more, making it look and feel the way you want it!  We’ve added many new themes and color schemes to choose from, with a sampling of some new theme buttons below. (And, we kept the LJ2 available buttons as well.)
  • The ultimate customization, Add-Ons: Each of us keeps a journal for different reasons–to learn more about ourselves; as part of our writing practice; to vent our emotions; to foster creativity; as part of our spiritual practice, and so on. Add-Ons “flavor” your journal with the subjects that you care most about!  Add-Ons seamlessly integrate with your LifeJournal program with additional Prompts, Quotes, Tips, Topics, and Daily Pulse. (No extra download necessary. Just enter a key to activate–see below for instructions.)With eight Add-Ons written by top experts in the field, you can mix and match! How about Writers and Creativity? Emotional Balance and Creativity? Christian and Writers? Divorce and Emotional Balance? Staying Sober and Emotional Balance?
    $19.95 per Add-On.
  • Listen to wisdom from journaling experts: Any journal writer can fall into a writing dry spell, and then it’s time to find encouragement and inspiration from a wise source. Within LifeJournal3 you’ll find dozens of one-minute wisdom nuggets spoken to you from some of the top names in the journaling world: Christina Baldwin, Dr. Lucia Capacchione, Mark Matousek, Dr. Gillie Bolton, Sheila Bender, Joyce Chapman, Dr. Beth Jacobs, and Susan Borkin!
  • Help videos offer step by step help for a growing number of topics.  The videos are accessible within the program  when connected to the Internet. (And more coming…)
  • Templates:  If you are looking for patterns or focusing on a particular aspect of your life, create a template. A template is a set of questions that you ask yourself periodically. LifeJournal 3 includes default templates and gives you an easy way to create your own!
  • Stay within LifeJournal to post to your WordPress blog:  Keep your private writing and your public writing all in the same place! Upload directly to your WordPress blog from LifeJournal.
  • New prompts related especially to writing about your past. Great for getting started on your memoir!

Here’s what they’re saying about LifeJournal:“Life Journal is THE best journaling software out there, and has been for a while. And trust me, I probably tried them all before I settled on yours. Five years into it, I continue to be sure it’s simply the most powerful thing available, no matter what you use it for. It’s my therapist, my historian, and it’s where I write, often several projects at a time.” —customer, Tom Atkins 


“I have been using journaling as a therapeutic technique for over 25 years and I was not the easiest to convince that there were great advantages to bringing technology to this endeavor.  Now I’m more than convinced.  LifeJournal gives the journaler multiple platforms for expanding and observing his or her process without losing one bit of the magic of personal writing.  This is an incredibly useful, interactive, and imaginative journaling system.”   –Beth Jacobs, PhD. author of Writing for Emotional Balance, clinical psychologist, and adjunct faculty, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Purchase LifeJournal3 for $44.95 for the download.  (This is an early-bird price… So don’t delay!) Add $10 shipping charges, if you want a CD delivered.  

Upgrading from LJ2 or from one of the specialized versions such as LifeJournal for Writers or Christian LifeJournal? Click the green button for the upgrade cost of $24.95! Add shipping charges, if you want a CD delivered.

AND, AN EXTRA BONUS! For the first 25 people to buy LifeJournal after receiving this email–new or upgrade– 

you’ll get a free LifeJournal on Paper download!

And, if you buy LifeJournal with 2 Add-Ons, you get free membership to IAJW* for one year!
*the International Association for Journal Writing

And, for everyone,  you are invited to download the recording of  telechat
with Ruth Folit and Sheila Bender, called
Journal Like the Pros: Write Write Now!


HOW TO PURCHASE LJ3 and Add-Ons And How to Activate Add-Ons

To buy version 3 of LifeJournal with or without an Add-On, click here.

If you want to purchase Add-Ons,  click the Continue Shopping button.  You’ll return to the ordering page where you’ll scroll down and click the Add to Cart button next to any of the Add-On  links. You can click the Continue Shopping button again to purchase more Add-Ons.  When you are ready to check out, click Checkout Now and complete the forms. You’ll receive two emails.  One is the receipt; the other has your keys. If you don’t receive your key within 30 minutes, send an email to with a copy of your receipt, and we’ll manually send you a key via email.


If you haven’t already, go to and download and save the LifeJournal installation file (the full and the trial installation file is the same–when you enter the key, it becomes the full version). When downloaded, double click the file and the installation will begin. The trial version will run. When prompted, copy and paste your LJ3 key which you will receive in the mail after you purchase the program, and the trial will become the full version.

If you have LJ2 installed on your computer that you are installing LJ3, LJ3 will install into a different directory than LJ2. LJ2 entries will automatically convert to LJ3.


Once you have purchased an Add-On key, go to the File menu>Manage keys and copy and paste your Add-On key in the Add Key text field, and click Enter Add-On Key button.  Then click the Manage Content button  and select  the Add-On that you are activating and click the OK button. You’ll see a progress bar showing that the Add-On content is being activated.



End Quotes:

“I can’t say enough good things about LifeJournal!”–Barbara Bretton, best selling novelist

“This is the best journal writing software I’ve found!”–Kathleen Adams, author of Journal to the Self

The research findings are clear: writing about emotional events can help promote physical and mental health.  A system like lifeJournal is a novel approach that has the potential to help millions explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe and creative way.”–James W. Pennebaker, Professor of Psychology, University of Texas, author of Opening up: The Power of Expressing Emotion.

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