LifeJournal™ Newsletter – October 2006

LifeJournal Newsletter
October, 2006

Thanks to many of you who sent me e-mail wishing me a speedy recovery with my broken leg. Your good wishes seem to be working: I’ve advanced to a half cast, am still using crutches, but I’m much more mobile. Not dancing yet, but give me a couple of more weeks!

This month’s newsletter has an article for those who want to hone their writing skills.  Sheila Bender, our LifeJournal for Writers partner, has offered “Three Servings from a Writing Buffet,” which are three quotes each followed by questions and suggestions to jump start your writing. Sheila –author, poet, and writing coach–is offering a writing contest with cash and other prizes. Learn more about it in the announcement below.

And finally, let me suggest a link to a short, head-clearing video that you might be interested in using when you want to change your perspective and feel more centered before sitting down to write.

Ruth Folit
Chronicles Software Company

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Three Servings from a Writing Buffet by Sheila Bender
Writing Contest Announcement
Get Centered with a Brief Audio/Video
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Three Servings from a Writing Buffet by Sheila Bender

“When I was seven, I said to my mother, may I close my door?  And she said, yes, but why do you want to close your door? And I said because I want to think.  And when I was eleven, I said to my mother, may I lock my door? And she said, yes, but why do you want to lock your door? And I said because I want to write.” –Dorothy West

Writing Idea

What is a significant question you asked a parent in your childhood? What was the question as you asked it? What was the answer?  What was an ensuing question? What was the answer?  What do you remember of the topic after the asking? Where do you (or you and the parent) stand on it today?


“C.G. Jung says that we know everything we know by way of images, that an image is the functional equivalent of an idea. And a Jungian would say that these images breaking through the barrier are constellating themselves, presenting themselves for our consideration.”  –Pat Holt II, “Requiem for the Outline,” WOE, Spring 2001

Writing Idea

List images from the memory of something you loved and lost.  Write a conversation between these images and see where it goes. For instance, if you lost a favorite ring, list images of the ring and of the place you lost it, of the day or period in your life.  Let the sink drain talk to the diamond or the platinum band or allow the cart you delivered newspapers in talk to the porch of the old lady’s house where you tossed the paper close to the door so she could pick it up easily.


“Confusion is a rich source, I said. You can write from that, if you pay close attention, coax a speaking voice out from the snarl of it.”  –Kim Stafford, The Muses Among Us

Writing Idea

Think about something that confuses you–what someone meant by something they said, contradictions between religious training and what people actually do, the difference between what you say and what you do, how to approach the stage of life you are in.  See if you can hear the voice that is emerging and the wisdom it might bring along with it.

Writing Contest Announcement 

Sheila Bender’s Writing It Real, an online magazine for those who write from personal experience, announces an essay contest. For full details about cash and other prizes, submission rules, deadline, and more go to:


Get Centered with a Brief Audio/Video 

Sometime when I’m about to journal, I need to settle in and get centered and see things from a constructive point of view. For a short (about 2 minute) upbeat video with beautiful images, peaceful music, and a positive message, I recommend going to  Now, start writing!  

End Quotes: 
"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."-Aristotle 
"The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it."-Benjamin Disraeli 

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