LifeJournal™ Newsletter – October 2007


LifeJournal Newsletter – October, 2007

Asking good questions is the theme of this month’s newsletter. Which reminds me of the old joke: A young student asked his wise teacher why he always answers a question with a question. The teacher replies, “Why not?”

The first article for this month’s newsletter is about Prompts: how to ask good questions to learn more about oneself. I’ve included information about how to add new prompts to your LifeJournal as well.

The second article is about Jim Hayhurst, the man behind The Right Mountain, the company we collaborated with to create the career seeker’s version of LifeJournal: The Right Mountain LifeJournal. The focus of Hayhurst’s philosophy in helping people find their right careers, is to guide them in answering the all important question, “Who am I?”

In the spirit of asking good questions,have you considered giving a LifeJournal program to a family or friend as holiday gift this year?

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Prompts: Asking Good Questions

One of the things I loved to do as a kid was to look at a familiar scene—the backyard or my bedroom—and then to stand up and then bend over and look at the scene upside down with my head hanging between my knees. I loved the new view! The familiar suddenly became fresh.

Asking a good question accomplishes the same change in point of view, but hopefully without getting a headache from blood rushing to the head. Asking good questions expands your thinking and your perspective, stimulates deeper thinking and feeling, and helps you explore the contours of difficult issues or problems.

How do you ask good questions of yourself when you are in the midst or the problem/issue? How do you help yourself expand your vision to a wider focus? 




“I have often toyed with the idea of keeping a journal, if only for my own satisfaction and to keep my overactive imagination busy. Program after program I’ve tried but none have been as complete and as easy as what you have produced.

LifeJournal has removed the complications of other programs and found a way to break journaling down into easily understood formats which even the most basic of writers could understand. You’ve given colour, vibrancy and life to akind of program that I have normally found grey, dull and boring.”–Chris Timson

Who Are You? by Jim Hayhurst, career counselor and author
I’ll admit it. As far as career counselors go, I’m a one trick pony. For almost 20 years, I’ve started virtually every new client meeting with one question: “Who are you?”

It doesn’t matter why they’re coming to see me. Recently fired executives. College grads with fresh faces and even fresher diplomas. Mothers returning to the work force after raising families. Lawyers, accountants and consultants wanting more out of life than just billable hours.

The first question I ask is always the same: “Who are you?”
End Quotes:
“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.”
–Claude Levi-Strauss

“It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.”
–James Thurber

“Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”
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