LifeJournal™ Newsletter – October 2008

We are living in an exciting time. Between the elections, the economy, and the global climate shift—the world as we know it is in the midst of major change. What the future holds is anybody’s guess, but one thing that is certain: Change, and big change, is upon us all.

How do we deal with upheaval and uncertainty?  The first article discusses change, stress, and coping, and how journal writing may help us.

The second article is about the Journal Explorer—-tips and techniques that will help you better use that feature.

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Ruth Folit
Chronicles Software Company


Change, Stress, Coping, and Journal Writing

An old adage that we’ve heard is, “The only constant is change.”  (I googled the phrase to find the author, and it’s attributed to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher from around 500 B.C.  I thought that if we’re still quoting a guy whose been dead for 2500 years, there must be some truth and profundity in his statement.)

During the last year our world has changed very quickly:  in technology, in global weather patterns, in global economic conditions, and (if predictions prove correct) in United States politics. On a more personal level, many people are quickly losing sizeable percentages of their hard earned savings. Family and friends are losing their jobs as companies fail or downsize, and with the subprime mortgage crisis, many are losing their houses to foreclosure. And untold millions are sadly losing all kinds of opportunities that they had been counting on.

Change is always a part of our lives—and right now the rate of change is so steep we feel like we’re on a huge rollercoaster ride and probably experiencing stress.  I believe that journal writing may help mitigate some of the stress.



The Finer Points of the Journal Explorer

In a recent webinar I showed people how to create a journal entry and then I closed it.  The viewer asked, “where does the journal entry go?”  The answer is that the journal entry is saved in a database. (The database file name is “[YourName].ljd,” usually found in C:\Program Files\LifeJournal\[YourName].

However, the question that the user may really have been asking is ,”How do you see the list of your journal entries?”  The answer to that question is click the “Explorer” button on the application toolbar.   That opens a list of entries that is anchored to the bottom of your screen, the Journal Explorer.


LifeJournal Webinars in NovemberWe’ve had three sets of webinars in the last two months and feedback has been very positive.  So we’re expanding to different webinar topics in November:

We’ll be offering two different kinds of webinars in November.
1. A one-time 1½ hour webinar with Sheila Bender and Ruth Folit about how to turn journal entries into personal essays. Offered November 11 at 8 PM Eastern time. LEARN MORE!
2. A one-hour free webinar about the basics of LifeJournal offered two different times in November:
  1. Thursday daytime, November 6, at noon eastern time and 9 AM Pacific time.
  2. Tuesday evening, November 18, at 8 PM eastern time and 5 PM Pacific time.


End Quotes

“Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.”—-Christina Baldwin

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”—William James

“Worry is a misuse of imagination.”—David Zadr


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