Write about change and stress

We are living in stressful times. The world is morphing in front of us as we watch—constant technological and communication change, big climate shifts, massive economic turmoil, and in all probability there will be a big change in US policies. That adage that we’ve all heard is “The only constant is change” has never felt more accurate.

I just googled this quote and found it was attributed to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher who lived about 2500 years ago. If we’re still quoting a guy who came up with this notion more than two thousand years ago, it merits consideration. (Here’s an interesting corollary thought, who in our present society will be quoted 2500 years from now? If you have any thoughts, please let me know.)

How to keep track of these shifts? How to keep track of your reactions to this change? How to minimize the internal reactions that can cause stress and worry? Write about it. Express it. Move your ideas, concerns, and feelings out of your mind and body and get them out on to paper or keyboard. That’s the first step. Write.

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