Write in your Journal: Defrag your brain!

I was recently talking with Kay Adams, the author of Journal To The Self and the director of The Center for Journal Therapy.  She had a wonderful analogy about journal writing that will make total sense to anyone who uses a computer.  When she writes in her journal she feels like she’s defragging her hard drive–cleaning up, re-organizing, dumping the clutter, and clearing her brain.

After defragging your computer, the computer runs more efficiently and productively. Performance is better. There’s more open space.

So, if you’ve been through a busy, overloaded day/week/month where your brain is in a state of overload take even 10 minutes to  write in your journal and defrag your brain! You’ll ultimately be more productive, perform better, and have a feeling of spaciousness.

Run, don’t walk, to your journal and start writing!

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  1. Owen says:

    Thinking physiologically: Recently my dietitian reminded me that drinking lots of fluids daily, especially water, is THE essential preventative medication in mitigating further gallstone and pancreatic attacks. We all know what happens when you drink a lot of water – to be gentile about it we might say, the system flushes itself out.

    Daily journal writing flushes out the system too.

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